About us

In 2015, we established ST360 in Denmark with a vision that develops such impeccably unparallel solutions that aim at helping our clients’ business grow digitally.

We focus on providing software solutions which our customers can use to gain a competitive advantage. We do that by tailoring our solutions exactly to their needs.

We are concentrated on mobile software, social software, big data, internet of things (IOT). Internet-based software to sell products via the internet, to build and maintain customer relationships. We are building software to increase productivity or to implement new business models.

”We bring ideas to life“

We perform analyses to continuously optimize our customers systems and business models.

We believe that the future is going to be very exciting. We are on the threshold of a new industrial revolution. Just as the steam engine replaced physical labor, the computer will perform more and more tasks that used to require human cognitive ability. And that will fundamentally change not only the economy, but also our society.

”We are building software solutions for this exciting future”

We’re helping with this transformation. We’re helping companies to become digital.